The concept of ESG has become synonymous with sustainable corporate operations nowadays. More and more companies must report on their non-financial indicators. Market trends and expectations, especially regarding green operations, further confirm that ESG, i.e. sustainable operations, is no longer the task of large companies.

OPTEN is the first hungarian ESG service provider to be audited by GRI.


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Fill in your declaration and purchase our reporting product based on GRI standards. Meet regulatory requirements and lead the way in ESG!



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Our questionnaire consisting of a few questions can help you to refine or even improve your company's existing ESG index. You can update your data every 3 months.


Index, indicator, certification instantly

Our ESG index service is a flexible addition to your existing OPTEN subscription. It shows the ESG level of a company based on more than 50 parameters.

GRI provides the World's most widely used sustainability reporting standards, covering topics that range from biodiversity to tax, waste to emissions, diversity and equality to health and safety.

GRI Standards are used by more than 10,000 organizations in over 100 countries.

OPTEN is the first company in Hungary to become a GRI Software & Tools Partner.

Save considerable time when filling out the questionnaire

Our new solutions can help you easily obtain your annual emission and consumption data. You can reduce the time spent by up to 50%!

We offer several additional functions for extracting your exact consumption data.

  • Authorize OPTEN to request your data directly from the service providers.
  • With the help of a special new method, you can contribute to viewing your bank account statements and our expert colleagues will analyze the consumption and emission data, and estimate the annual calculable rates from the market price.


Qualification certificate

Do you need ESG certification for a financial institution process? Or would you like to share your ESG index with your business partners, existing and potential customers?

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Why should you be involved in the ESG rating of your company?

The EU has put ESG aspects into a legal framework and from January 1, 2022, large companies are going to be required to report "non-financial data".

"It is worth taking the first steps as soon as possible, as in line with the EU's intentions, the banking system is also attaching increasing importance to ESG aspects, as well as the investors. Whether they are small, medium or large enterprises, analysts believe that responsible companies are going to be in a much better position to compete for assets, loans or EU tenders", said Tamás Tóth, the Managing Director of OPTEN.

What is there to lose by not addressing the issue?

Certification and assessment

OPTEN has been helping its subscribers for over 25 years with indicators that are considered to be market standard. In addition to the ESG index, we also support the objective mapping of a company with crisis resilience, creditworthiness and risk indicators. If you want to know what the market thinks about your company, you cannot ignore the issues of sustainability and the protection of the environment and the OPTEN ESG index developed in this context.

EU legislative changes

The regulatory environment is increasingly focusing on non-financial indicators alongside financial ones. OPTEN Risk Rating and Index has long used comprehensive company assessment criteria, which have now been complemented by ESG guidelines.

Financial institution process

Credit and financial institutions are required to incorporate ESG guidelines into their classification processes. You can lose time and money if you start your company's compliance work belatedly.

Corporate social responsibility

Both the protection of natural assets (E-environmental) and the representation of social and societal values (S-social) are important parts of a company's value. As employees and conscious consumers, the image we project of ourselves cannot be underestimated, either.

Raising capital

Investors are also integrating ESG considerations into their decision-making processes, whether they are buying shares or other securities. It is no coincidence that the Budapest Stock Exchange has also set out an ESG compliance roadmap until the end of 2021.


Prepare for tomorrow starting today!

OPTEN users can now access the value of the ESG index calculated for your company. If you want the most accurate result available that best represents and assesses the real environmental, social and management model of your business, fill in our questionnaire today.

During this process, you are going to gain a better understanding of how to make your business more ESG-compliant, and with our help, you can improve your company's operations and image.

Use our index and certificate for your PR articles or presentations and achieve even greater business success, appreciation and recognition.

In partnership with Corvinus University

The parameters and weights have been compiled in cooperation with the Department of Sustainability at Corvinus University, with the professional assistance of Dr. Orsolya Diófási-Kovács.

Our strategic partners

The benefits for those who fill in the declaration

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More accurate ESG index

All the information you provide contributes to the calculation of our ESG index, so you can easily improve your rating.

Positive social perception

The ESG index is designed to provide a rating based on non-financial indicators, including the protection of social and environmental values, thus contributing to the community image of your company.

Regulatory compliance

The changes in the EU legal environment also affect the domestic legal environment, so compliance is an obligation for companies operating in Hungary.

Fast track for financial institutions

Financial institutions, fund managers, specialised financial institutions, stock exchanges are all going to be obliged to integrate ESG directives into their processes. The OPTEN ESG index serves to facilitate the smooth implementation thereof.

Easier raising of capital

It is in the vital interest of all businesses to have access to the resources they need to operate and grow. The ESG index has become an indispensable standard, whether it concerns resources from the stock exchange, credit institutions or tenders.

Guided development

Let us know the path we need to take. We know where we need to go and what is expected of us by business owners, investors and creditors. We can help you to do this, too, by filling in our questionnaire every 3 months, and by demonstrating and documenting the progress of your business.

OPTEN's expertise in modelling indicators and indices

OPTEN has a long track record in the field of various indicators, which are extensively used and taken into account by financial institutions. These include proprietary developing of indicators and indices:

  • Bankruptcy model, risk index
  • Commercial credit line recommendation
  • Crisis resilience index
  • Customised BI solutions
  • Export Ability Index

ESG Index modul

Order the ESG index module for your OPTEN subscription to see the ESG index of your companies. Compare your results and build an advantage from this knowledge!

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Complete your company's online ESG statement now!

Fill in OPTEN's ESG questionnaire and the accurate ESG rating of one of Hungary's leading business information providers becomes available to your business partners and credit institution. We can help you to screen your business for the Environmental, Social and Corporate Management aspects of the 21st century and thus become a better place to work and a more valuable business.

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